Enter Ingredients On-Hand and Get Recipes with Gorgeous Food Blogger Photos

Gojee : type in the food that you have and get recipesA new recipe website called Gojee lets you enter ingredients you have on hand or food that you’re craving; then it gives you gorgeous photos of the foods that come up as a result, with links to the full recipes. The recipes are all sourced from well-known food bloggers, who are also shown in stunning, full-screen photos.

Mashable recently called the site a Stumbleupon for recipes, although I think it’s more like a very visual Epicurious that pulls from bloggers rather than food magazines and websites.Gojee web site contributors

The strength of the site is really in the photography. You can’t sell a cookbook these days without food-porn photos: tight closeups of fruits oozing juice and cakes dripping chocolate gaze, antique silverware, drool-inducing frothy beverages, grilled meats and vegetables with a slippery sheen clarified butter or olive oil.

The site’s weakness, though, is that its search engine uses “or” as its operator when you enter more than one food. For example, when I told the site I had both bananas and dried figs, it turned up plenty of recipes that contained bananas, but not dried figs. That’s fine, but I would have liked a warning or dialogue box that at least mentioned, “Hey, we found a lot of recipes with bananas, and some with dried figs, but none with both.”

The design and photos are just gorgeous, although a handful of images I came across were slightly pixelated, probably because they were blown up to full screen size but the originals were saved at a lower resolution and size for web publishing.

Gojee : type in the food that you have and get recipes


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